Road Trip -Phoenix to Monument Valley

Arizona – United States

Time of Year – March

A guide to the animals that you may spot whilst on a road trip in these areas. The animals seen on this road trip are not the result of any organised tour and purely based on what was seen during our journey.

arizona map


What you will see – Rabbits, Horses

What you might see –  Elk, Bears, Foxes, Coyotes, Deer, Mountain Lions, Road Runner

What we saw – Elk, Rabbits, Fox, Horses, Road Runners

***Trip was called short because of COVID-19*** 

Watch Video – 30 second Arizona Road Trip 

animal arizona


Phoenix to Flagstaff

(From the city to the mountains)

Tip – You must use snow tyres when driving in high altitude areas over the winter months.

Mountains to Grand Canyon

(From the snow to the desert)

Tip – Take lots of cash and stop at the roadside  stalls to purchase genuine Navajo Nation crafts and jewelry.

Grand Canyon to Monument Valley

(From the canyon  to the buttes)

Tip – Take lots of breaks and don’t drive tired. The roads are long and deserted and stay at the View Hotel when staying at Monument Valley – Short Video of Room 




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