Inside Zoos


I think zoos should not only be a place to see animals, but also a place to explore, be inspired, easy to navigate and leave a lasting impression.   It sometimes can come down to the little nuances that can effect your zoo experience. From the layout, theming, way finding, transportation, seating, rest rooms, public art, green spaces and even the styles of the bins can all play a part in your overall experience. 

Why Do We Need Zoos?

Zoo Way – Finding

Zoo Emergency Procedures

Where do the Animals come From?

Do Zoos need to be more like Theme Parks?

Why do Zoos get a bad name


Children Zoos

Zoo Vacation Tips

A Barbaric Act for a Zoo

The Cute Factor

Are city aquariums worth visiting anymore?

Do zoo animals get bored?

Loud music and Fireworks – How do they effect the animals?

A home away from home

First impressions are everything