From as early as I can remember I have always liked animals. During my childhood in Australia,  I could easily spend days watching animals in their natural habitats. Like most people, when I got older priorities change and the day to day grind kicked in.

A recent trip to Canada changed all that. Traveling through British Columbia  I saw the best that nature has to offer. It reminded me how valuable nature really is but also how vulnerable it is, and I felt I needed to do something to highlight this.

Why do a web page on Zoos?

Now I was in two minds when it comes to doing a site on zoos. Yes you do hear the horror stories about animals locked in small cages being tormented, bored and left to be on show with no care for their welfare or state of mind. But I have found the majority of zoos’ focus on the welfare of animals, the education in the protection of their habitats, and the conservation efforts that extend outside of their front gates. They spend millions of dollars on enclosures to give animals the very best in care whilst stimulating their natural instincts. These are the zoos that I will be telling you about.

A great zoo is a place for education, a place that shows us what we have and what we could lose and more importantly how we can save it for many generations to come. I do truly believe that without these great zoos, sanctuaries and wildlife parks we will end up losing those places in the world like the wilderness that I found in Canada.

So this is my mission: Learn about and review zoos that have the qualities to inspire and encourage people to do more for conservation and our animals and their natural habitats. Join me as I travel around the world showing the very best in what zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries have to offer with my reviews, latest news, short videos and photographs. I hope this site inspires you to visit one of these destinations and learn more about how you can help in the conservation and survival of our animal friends