In Focus – Victoria Crowned Pigeon


Status: Vulnerable

Geographic Region: Papua New Guinea region

Meaning of name: Commemorates the British Monarch – Queen Victoria

Habitat: Swamps and lowlands of  Papua New Guinea

Threats: Habitat loss and poaching

Left in Wild: Unknown    


The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is the largest pigeon on earth in some cases exceeding three kilos.   This is a gregarious species (enjoying the company of others in its species) and will tend to travel in pairs and groups. Both parents help raise their young with the male collecting twigs, palms etc for the nest in which generally only one egg is laid.

Unfortunately the Victoria Crowned Pigeons biggest downfall has been its friendliness and trust towards humans, allowing them to easily be hunted to the point where it will be very rare to see one in populated areas.

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is now the rarest of the three crowned pigeon species in the wild, but the most common in zoos and is now becoming popular with breeders and as pets.

Stu’s Zoo Pick for the Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Central Park Zoo has a large indoor rain-forest enclosure, where you can walk among these large birds. Be careful however as the pigeons do tend to share the same walkway as visitors and skillfully weave between peoples feet.

Rain-forest enclosure at Central Park Zoo – Watch your step

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a large walk through enclosure based on the Maharaja Jungle Trek. This  enclosure houses a large variety of Asian birds including the Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

 Disney’s Animal Kingdom


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