Inside Zoos – Transportation

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Railway


Internal zoo transportation systems come in many variations dependent on the size and terrain of the park. Vehicles range from trains and boats, to cable cars and monorails. Most importantly of all, a transportation system in a zoo needs to be efficient, fast, reliable and accessible to people with disabilities – much like any other transportation system, it’s no use having one if it does not work. 


Here are my transportation favourites so far:


Bronx Zoo

Zoo Shuttle – Although there are only two shuttle stations where you can hop on the shuttle there are multiple hop off spots at convenient locations throughout.  The Bronx Zoo is very large making the shuttle service ideal to get to shows in a timely fashion or just to get from one point to the other.  

Its not pretty though! But it is practical and with multiple vehicles in use, it is efficient. The Bronx Zoo shuttle is Included in the Total Experience ticket package.  
The Bronx Zoo had a cable car called the Skyfari and was their third most popular attraction. Unfortunately it was closed down in 2009 due to spiraling costs.  

Taronga Zoo

The Sky Safari is the best way to get back up to the front of the park after spending a full day making your way down steps and  the never ending sloping paths to the bottom of the zoo. You will be thankful that the station is there once you have arrived – well that was my experience on a warm Sydney day anyway! It’s also a great way to survey the many enclosures from a different perspective. It’s practical and will enhance your experience at the zoo – making it a great example of zoo transportation.The price of the Sky Safari Cable Care is inclusive of your entry ticket.

Great views from the Sky Safari at Taronga Zoo
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Miniature Railroad is a perfect way to take in the entire park at a leisurely pace. Four train stations are located in good locations, allowing easy access to shows and exhibits.  There are a few different styles of engines so they add to the atmosphere of the park.Prices are inclusive of your entry ticket.  

Another great way to get around the park is by the environmentally friendly Segway Safaris, a 45 minute tour on the park provided Segways (not included in your entry fee).

One of the four train stations in the park
Another engine at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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