Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – Review


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary web page 



Nestled alongside the Brisbane River, this is a compact wild life sanctuary specialising in Australian animals with a focus on koalas . At the front of the park near the entrance is where you will find bat, bird, Tasmanian devil, possum, wombat and dingo enclosures mixed in with an impressive range of koala exhibits. This is also the location of a large platypus enclosure. The centre of the park is the location of the main koala enclosure where presentations and photo opportunities are scheduled daily. The one cafe onsite is also located near the centre of the park. Towards the back of the sanctuary is a large kangaroo feeding area where visitors can walk with and feed the kangaroos, ducks and emus.   

The park also includes sheep shearing demonstrations, wild lorikeet feeding, bird of prey shows and a domestic animal barn, all located at the back right corner of the sanctuary. Rest rooms are available at the cafe and a gift shop is located near the entrance / exit of the park. 

Park map

 Extra Activities

Lone Pine Wildlife Sanctuary provides a large range of activities and shows  during the day including  koala presentations, animal feeding times, snake presentations, sheep shearing demonstrations and lorikeet feeding. For a full list of shows and times please check their web page. Mirimar Cruises do a daily boat cruise form Lone Pine to Brisbane City – please see link for further detail.

One of the many koalas on site

Breeding Programs

Being an Australian wildlife sanctuary, Lone Pine specialises in the protection of all local wildlife. They have an extensive conservation program specialising in the Tasmanian devil breeding program and of course koalas.


Energetic Tasmanian Devil running around enclosure ( would not pose for photo)


Stu’s Favourite Bit

I honestly can’t pick one thing that stands out about this park. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary does not pretend to be anything other than a wildlife sanctuary. They tell a simple message of conservation and give you the opportunity to connect with their animals through cleverly designed open enclosures. That is what I loved about this park and why I am happy to endorse their philosophy of “keep it simple”. It works every time. 

Go HERE to see a selection of animals found at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary at Stu @ the Zoo TV


Stu’s review and tips  

This Park is the jewel in the crown for wild life sanctuaries in South East Queensland and it is not hard to see why they have such a great reputation.

The animal presentations are very informative and conservation focused.  There is a great selection of animal encounter experiences scheduled throughout the day and well worth attending. The kangaroo feeding area is huge with a good selection of kangaroos and emus to feed. The ducks make sure they get their fair share of food as well, they are very persistent!

The ducks and kangaroos share the love

The cafe food was very good and the service was quick. When having lunch make sure you eat at the Koala Forest that is adjacent to the cafe giving you a unique opportunity to have lunch with the koalas, and maybe a pesky brush turkey or two. The grounds are well presented and well signed for easy navigation.The staff were very friendly and happily gave me information about any of the animals when asked

All in all this is an excellent park and well worth a visit. If you are a visitor to Australia looking for a park that gives you the quintessential Australian experience or a local looking for somewhere to enjoy a relaxing few hours you can’t go past Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. 


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