Front Entrance – Dreamworld


Dreamworld is Australia’s largest theme park with many attractions and rides throughout. The two animal attractions at this park are called Australia Wildlife Experience and Tiger Island.  Both attractions are located at the back of the park and are easily accessible from the Billabong Restaurant train station.The Australia Wildlife Experience is divided into four sections called Koala Country, Outback Adventure, Kakadu Wetlands and Daintree Rain forest. This is where you can see, Kangaroos, Koalas, Crocodiles, Dingoes, Cassowary and many more Australian birds, reptiles and mammals.   A gift store, bathrooms and information desk are also located in this area.

Tiger Island is home to an impressive selection of Bengal and Sumatran Tigers. The Expansive enclosure has some unique viewing opportunities at both the main viewing section or at The Lair, for a more up close and personal experience.   

Extra Activities

Rides, rides and more rides is what this park is really all about. Recently Dreamworld has expanded to include their new Dreamworks Experience including a small but impressive Madagascar themed area which will please animal lovers and theme park riders alike.

For more animal related activities Dreamworld offers some unique wildlife experiences including walking, feeding and having your photo taken with the tigers. Two tiger presentations are held daily at 12 noon and 4 pm.   

Holding a Koala or Tasmanian Devil, Crocodile feeding and sunset safaris are also on offer at The Australia Wild Life Experience. 

Madagascar themed area in the Dreamworks Experience section


Breeding Programs

Dreamworld has an impressive Tiger breeding record and plays a significant role in helping reduce poaching of tigers in both Russia and Indonesia.

Dreamworld also participates in programs and funds helping the rare Bilby and the almost extinct Kroombit Tinker Frog as well as programs in helping the Koala and other Australian wildlife.

Bilby in a nocturnal enclosure



Stu’s Favourite Bit

For me it was all about the Tigers, and Tiger Island did not disappoint. The tiger demonstrations are very informative and explain how Dreamworld is helping in the conservation of these beautiful animals around the world. The demonstrations also show you how they train the tigers for medical checkups and as part of Dreamworld’s animal enrichment program. The demonstrations do get very crowded so make sure you get in early for the best viewing.

The enclosure itself is excellent with a newly incorporated section called The Lair where you can see the tigers up close including glass viewing areas where the tigers walk above you. 

Go HERE to see a selection of animals found at Dreamworld at Stu @ the zoo TV

Tiger jumping at the tiger demonstration

Stu’s review and tips


Being Australia’s largest theme park you will be spoiled for choice with activities, shows, rides and food but in my opinion the Australian wildlife section at Dreamworld is significantly below the standard of the other wildlife parks in South East Queensland. However chances are you are not going to Dreamworld just to see the animals – and for tourists it’s a good opportunity to see some of Australia’s wildlife whilst enjoying a day out.

I have been to this park several times over the last five or so years and the Australian Wildlife section seems to be deteriorating every year.  A couple of highlights in the Australian wildlife experience section are the Bilby enclosure and the ever popular Koala enclosure. Both are well done and up there with the best I have seen at any park.  The rest of this section just looks old and run down.  I get the outback Aussie theming but really, what is with all that rusted corrugated iron? And would it hurt to clean the glass viewing windows occasionally?
 It really was all about the Tigers for me and that will always be the reason that I keep on going back to Dreamworld. It’s a fun experience to go back and watch the cubs grow up.

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