Discover Aussie Animals

Woolworths, one of Australia’s largest supermarket chains, has partnered up with Taronga Zoo and created 108 different Aussie Animals Cards. Every time you spend $20.00 at Woolworths you receive a pack of 4 cards. Each card has a picture of an Australian animal and some interesting facts about that animal. Along with the cards Woolworths has also released a folder in which you can place your cards for an additional charge. 

The promotion has been going for a few weeks and this week the folder stocks started to run out across the nation causing somewhat of a panic, with some parents resorting to buying the folders on E-Bay at drastically increased prices, and other parents trawling supermarkets looking for that elusive animal card to complete their child’s collection.

Woolworths is a prime example of a company aligning themselves with national icons that I wrote about in my post – Iconic animals.  As far as I can see this is a win-win. Great for the kids learning about all of the amazing animals that call Australia home, and great for Woolworths in both their brand recognition and bottom line. Maybe not so great for the parents who are charged with finding that last elusive animal card.

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