Walt Disney World – Hidden Animals


Walt Disney World Florida (WDW) is huge – sprawling over 47 square miles or 122 square kilometers- it’s larger than 17 other countries in the world. So you would expect to find a wide range of wild animals calling WDW home, especially with Disney setting one third of the property aside for conservation. Following is just a small taste of the animals that I came across on my recent visit to WDW.

You won’t find a mouse in this list but you will find a duck, mallard ducks to be more precise. They have made the parks and hotel grounds across WDW home and have no problems waddling between the crowds  making their way between the many lakes and ponds on property. 


WDW is also home to a variety of birds that forage in the man-made lakes across the property. Disney has also erected bird houses throughout the parks for shelter and nesting.




Here are a couple of rabbits that were happily playing in Future World at Epcot.

Whilst taking an early morning walk around the Wilderness Lodge Resort, I came across a family of five deer crossing the walking path ahead.


Fish are abundant in the river neighboring the Jungle Cruise ride and Koi can be seen at the Japanese pavilion at the World Show Case at Epcot.

And of course I can’t do a post on urban sanctuaries in the USA without including a token squirrel shot. 

This is the only reptile I saw in the parks – a small lizard sunning itself at Hollywood Studios. There have been alligator sightings though, including this one at Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom captured on video.


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  1. Stuart that was lovley to see what you seen what walt disney has at the park the photos were great
    nice to see somthing different to what other see as well, great job


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