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If you are planning a vacation in Orlando, then you know that every day can easily be taken up exploring Walt Disney World. But if you are anything like me,  you will also want to experience the natural beauty and abundance of wildlife that Florida is famous for.  So here is an excellent cost effective way to do an authentic Florida Everglades experience without going too far out of your way and eating into valuable Disney time.


Wild Florida Air Boats is located on the pristine Northern Everglades, only 45 minutes from Down Town Disney.  We organised a half day tour through Gray-Linefor our great Florida adventure but you can easily organise a hire car if that’s what you prefer.


Perfectly located,  Wild Florida is set on 4000 acres of development-free wilderness, allowing for an ideal Florida airboat adventure.  The airboat ride itself is easily one of the highlights of my whole 3 week vacation.  Gliding effortlessly through the swamp land is exhilarating, and the wild life viewing opportunities are incredible. We saw baby and adult alligators, bald eagles and a nice selection of other birds along the 1 hour tour of the Northern Everglades.  If you go in December to February it can get cold on the swamp and if overcast it may be a little difficult to spot the alligators, but the informative and enthusiastic airboat captain will make every effort to ensure that you get a full wildlife experience. 

Go HERE to see footage of Wild Florida at Stu @ the zoo TV

Once you finish your airboat ride, check out the zoo that is adjacent to the air boat jetty.  It’s a small zoo with only a handful of animals on display. But what they do have is a little surprising. There are alligators of course, but they also have zebras, deer, hogs and emus all in good sized enclosures.  The zoo is in excellent condition with very informative signs at each enclose giving relevant information about each animal. The zoo has a cafe serving up alligator among other dishes. A gift shop and great swamp viewing boardwalk is also located on site. When I visited in late December 2013, work was being done on the zoo area including a BBQ pavilion and extra enclosures.

Wild Florida is a must-do for anybody traveling to Orlando wanting to experience the nature in Florida. I found the experience to be loads of fun, very educational and definitely great value for money.Its the perfect escape from the theme parks and into the real Florida. 

Bald Eagles

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