What’s New – Australia Zoo

Bindi’s Island 

The main feature of Bindi’s Island is it’s three story tree house that elevates visitors ten meters off the ground. Visitors can take in views of neighboring Lemur Island as well as panoramic views of the park. 

Set in a lush rainforest, the island houses lemurs, macaws, giant aldabran tortoises and a variety of snakes and tortoises. 


No Elephants but Camel Rides

Since the passing of Bimbo, one of the resident elephants at Australia Zoo, no elephants have been on display in what used to be Australia’s largest elephant facility. In the meantime the main enclosure has been used to take visitors on a $15.00 AUD  camel ride. 

Cheetah Encounter

For $150.00 AUD – Visitors have an opportunity to pat and have their photo taken with a cheetah.


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