Dusit Zoo – Mini Review

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Dusit Zoo is a small compact zoo dominated by differing sized central lakes. Most of the animal enclosures are located on the outer edges of the property. Enter the zoo at the only entrance from Rama V Road and then walk anti clockwise following the main zoo road that will give you access to walking paths into various enclosures and exhibits.    
Go HERE to see a selection of animals found at Dusit Zoo at Stu @ the zoo TV 


Stu’s Review and tips

 Before I get started on this review, I want to make a quick note on the importance of accepting that all cultures are different and what may be not acceptable in one culture can be totally acceptable in others. What is deemed acceptable in the treatment of animals will differ depending on what country you happen to to be in. This site is in no way a judgement on a people's culture-  just an observation on the zoo's that I visit. 

 OK... I found this zoo interesting. Dusit zoo isn't just about animals it's an insight into Thailand's culture, its history and its hope of a prosperous future. You will find all the big ticket animals at this zoo, and some of the not so known critters.
Did I find some enclosures being less than acceptable? Yes, but i also found a zoo that was working feverishly to improve it's enclosures. I did find animals standing in bare concrete enclosures with nothing to stimulate their interest, the hippo enclosure stands out in my mind as such an enclosure. However I also found new large enclosures with great animal enrichment layouts - and plenty being improved. 


A couple of things that you do need to take note of before visiting Dusit Zoo.. Hot and humid days are the norm in Bangkok, so start your day early to get to see active animals. The gift shop can be a little expensive and doesn't really stock merchandise that is unique to the zoo.  A lot of paths in the zoo are also used by work vehicles, they tent to speed past and it can get a little full on when you are stopping to look at the exhibits.
  All in all this is a good zoo to visit if you are looking to get up and close with a good selection of animals. The zoo is currently going through a much needed refurbishment and this can only be a good thing for the animals that call Dusit Zoo home.


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