Banff National Park

Banff National Park was established in 1885. It encompasses 6,640 km2 (2563.7 miles squared) in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 

Helpful websites to plan your trip
Brewster – Main tour operator in Banff 
Parks Canada
Animals found in Banff National Park 

Short video from Stu @ the Zoo TV

Here is a Gallery highlighting some of the spectacular scenery found in this National Park as well as some of the activities that can be done in the park. 

I visited in the fall, during September/October – traditionally a quieter time in the park because it’s not quite ski season and not warm enough for the summer crowds.


Columbia Ice-fields
4WD bus (Ice Explorer) that takes you out onto the glacier
Lake Louise
Banff Springs Hotel
Banff Gondola  to the top of Sulphur Mountain
Views from Sulphur Mountain
Main Street Banff (Banff Avenue)
Bear – Proof bin
It might only be September but it was cold
White tailed deer near Banff Springs Hotel

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