Melbourne – City Sanctuaries

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and is the capital of the state of Victoria. With so many parks and gardens located in and around the Melbourne CBD, it is easy to see why Melbourne is affectionately  known as the Garden City. 

Some of the well known parks located close to the city centre are the Treasury Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Royal Park ( also the site of the Melbourne Zoo) and Princes Park. Here is a snapshot of the animals I found whilst exploring just a handful of the extensive  gardens that make Melbourne such a beautiful city

Indian Myna Bird
Hose Sparrow
Magpie Lark
City Pigeon
Pacific Sea gull next too Melbourne Train Station

Possums occupy most of the gardens around Melbourne.  To stop the possums from permanently damaging the trees in the parks, metal is placed around the trunks of some of the trees to stop the  possums from climbing up them.

Possum at Night
Here is a unique way Melbournians are warned about approaching trams… Rhinos on skate boards… Watch out for the trams! We couldn’t help but want to promote the rhino too!
Old Style Melbourne Tram


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