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Perched on the banks of the Yarra River in the centre of Melbourne, Melbourne Aquarium is in the ideal location and is easily accessible by train, tram and car with several inner-city parking complexes only a short walk away.  

The aquarium is all housed in one large indoor complex. Your journey starts via the ground floor ticketing centre and continues by following a  predetermined path as you travel through twelve well themed exhibits, cafes and finally a gift shop the leads you to the exit.  

Go HERE to see a selection of animals found at this aquarium at Stu @ the Zoo TV


Extra Activities 

For an extra charge you can dive with the sharks, explore behind the scenes of some of the more popular exhibits or go on an ice encounter with the penguins.  

 Breeding Programs  

The Melbourne Aquarium is a world leader in the breeding of Grey Nurse sharks. They also have a good breeding program for Gentoo Penguins.


Stu’s review and tips 

I went to Melbourne Aquarium with some overriding questions that needed to be answered. With large oceanarium theme parks in seaside locations being built all over the world, is a city aquarium still relevant? Do they have the wow factor to still pull in the crowds?  I mean how will I learn about marine conservation without seeing dolphins doing somersaults in the air or without being splashed by a killer whale? Will I be entertained if I don’t have a choice of three state of the art roller-coasters to ride on? How can I ever be expected to connect with marine life if there are no cute seals to be found ? What… they don’t have polar bears?!  Of course I am being a little facetious, but the overarching question is serious – Can they compete or are they just a little boring?

For me entertainment is all about discovery. Seeing things that you have never seen before,and learning new tit bits about old favourite animals. When you discover new things you learn and Melbourne Aquarium has lots of new things for you to discover. 

The Aquarium is set around 12 mind blowing exhibits. You don’t feel like you are visiting the aquarium – you’re exploring it as you make your way from one ecosystem to another. Your journey will take you from the Southern Ocean to a mangrove forest and then off to the frozen ice fields of the Antarctic. In between you will see all types of fish from sharks to the smallest sea horse. 



Melbourne Aqarium might not have polar bears but they do have crocodiles.The different ways that you can view these huge reptiles are unique and allow you to get up very close – and they don’t have to perform tricks!


I think that’s what I like most about this aquarium. The way the exhibits invite you in so you’re not looking in from afar but looking closer, almost from within.


If you’re in Melbourne and have a couple of hours to kill, I absolutely recommend Melbourne Aquarium. You will discover a world full of creatures that are frightening, that are ugly, that are cute, but most of all extraordinary. I dare anybody to say that’s boring.


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