Urban Sanctuary – Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

Looking to escape the hectic pace of one of the world’s great mega cities? Or a place were you can spot some of Hong Kong’s unique wild birds? Then head down to Kowloon Park on the corner of Nathan Road and Austin Road for a real treat. 

Kowloon Park is 13.3 hectares (33 acres) of manicured grounds, public art, museums, and lakes. It’s also a refuge for birds and other animals that call Hong Kong home.  

The lakes in the park are teaming with life – we found these turtles sunning themselves on logs. 

The bird-lake is home to flamingos, black swans and ducks.


As well as the birds in the bird lake and aviary, you have a good chance of spotting any one of the 100 different wild bird species that can be found in the park.
Free bird watching tours are held every Friday from 7.30 am to 9.30 am and start at the Arcade.

Black collared starling



Conservation Corner is part of the park devoted to promoting green  horticultural practices



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