Urban Sanctuary – Hyde Park, Sydney

Hyde Park, is the oldest public park in Australia, located in the central business district on Elizabeth Street, Sydney. The park is easily accessible, with the St James Street  underground train station right next door. The park is full of trees, monuments, statues, fountains and is the home of the New South Wales State War Memorial. 

Archibald Fountain


Centre Point Tower – From Hyde Park

Bird life is abundant within the lush16 hectare (39 acre) park. If you stay for awhile you will have a good chance of spotting the white ibis, sulphur-crested cockatoos and many other bird species.


White Ibis


Token Pigeon Photo

For a real treat head to the park at night, it’s well lit up and you can meet the park’s nocturnal residents such as the brush-tailed possum. A colony (passel) of these four legged critters have called the park home for decades. They will confidently come down from their eucalyptus trees to meet you. 

Brush-Tailed Possum


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