Urban Sanctuary – Pioneer Plaza, Dallas

Pioneer Plaza is a 1.7 hectare (4.2 acre) pubic park located next to the convention centre in Dallas, Texas. Adjacent to the Plaza is the Pioneer Park Cemetery which features the Confederate War Memorial. The main feature in the plaza is the large set of sculptures, commemorating nineteenth century longhorn cattle drives that took place on the Shawnee Trail.

 Pioneer Plaza Sculpture

Of course I didn’t just go to Pioneer Plaza to see the sculptures, impressive as they were. Pioneer Plaza and Pioneer Park Cemetery combined make for the largest open space in the Dallas central business district, it has a good reputation for bird watching. If you stay for a while you will get a good sense of the variety of  birds that call Dallas home. Probably more so in the hotter months as birds come in for a drink out of the many water features around the Plaza.

Water Features in the Plaza
Rusty Blackbird

If you don’t get to see too many birds – you can always count on the squirrels to make an appearance.

Red Squirrel
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